Standard Dampers

Dampers can be used anywhere a lid or weight must be lowered or moved in a controlled motion at a constant speed. There are three types of dampers, extension, compression and dual. Extension Dampers provide controlled speed while the rod is being extended out of the tube. Compression Dampers provide a controlled speed while the rod is being compressed back into the tube. Dual Dampers provide controlled speed in both directions.

Gas Springs & Struts

Traction Gas Springs/Gas Stuts compliments the existing offering by giving customers the ability to operate in traction rather than compression. Traction Springs are great for systems where a tensional load, similar to an extension spring, needs to be applied to hold a system open or hold a lid closed. The rod maintains a nitrite surface that compliments the black painted body. Please contact our engineering team for assistance.

Mechanical Spring Struts

Offer a seal-less, gas-less, and oil-less solution for strut applications. These struts offer robust performance in extreme temperatures (hot & cold) as well as caustic chemicals (gas & liquid). Designed to meet demanding, maintenance free applications where conventional gas struts fail. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and unlike gas and pneumatic models, our struts have no internal gases or seals to fail.

Universal Stop Tubes

Universal Stop Tubes fit standard gas struts (gas springs) to lock in the extended position, eliminating the need for a separate support rod. For applications where a positive locking is desired, our Universal Stop Tubes provide the solution, without being cumbersome to close. Universal Stop Tubes are disengaged with a single motion and remain disengaged until the gas strut is closed, allowing for easy closure and low risk of pinching or snagging operators.
End fittings, Brackets, Ball Studs & Other Accessories

End Fittings

End Fittings provide mounting for gas struts (gas springs) mechanical struts and other assemblies. We offers a selection of end fittings to work for various mounting configurations.

End fittings may be changed simply by matching the thread of the strut or assembly.

Selection of end fittings is offered in the following configurations:

  • Female Threads (Typical Strut End Fittings)
  • Male Threads
  • Safety Clips (Required Accessories for Certain End Fittings)

 Available Material Options

  • 316: 316 Stainless Steel
  • A: Aluminum
  • CP: Composite
  • SS: Stainless Steel
  • ST: Steel
  • ZA: Zinc Alloy


Brackets offer a mounting solution to position gas struts in a different orientation than the surfaces allow in the application. When selecting a bracket with an integral ball stud, we need to match the ball size to the end fittings on the strut.

Brackets are offered in a variety of materials and finishes to suit most applications. 

Please contact our engineer team should your OEM or aftermarket application require a different solution.

Ball Studs & Other Accessories 

Ball Studs goes with ball cup end fittings to mount gas springs in place.

Ball Studs attach by different means depending on the application (weld on, rivet on, thread in). We manufacture ball studs in a variety of sizes, mounting options, & materials.

Standard Dampers


Compression Dampers provide controlled speed while the rod is being compressed into the outer body.

Color : Black

Protection provided with Nitride Finish.

Gas Springs / Struts

Standard Gas Struts

Standard Gas Struts also referred to as Gas Shocks, Gas Pistons, or Gas Springs.

Provide a push force in the application. 

Steel construction with optimal nitride coating for added corrosion resistance.

Utilize 316SS construction for maximum corrosion resistance. 316SS provide the high cleanliness and corrosion protection.

Surfaces are specially treated for additional hardness. 

Mechanical Struts


Operates like a standard gas strut but have no seals to fail or gas & oil to leak.

These struts offer robust compression performance in extreme temperature (hot & cold) as well as caustic chemicals (gas & liquid).

Universal Stop Tube can be paired with matching struts to provide secure locking in the extended position

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