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At VectroINDUSTRIAL, we carefully control our processes with special innovative equipment developed by our research and development facilities.

All of the manufacturing processes are closely monitored by rigid quality controls, inspection and testing to ensure that we achieve the optimum service life for every die spring.

Superior Wire & Material

Our die springs are made from high tensile strength Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel with optimal wire cross section. 

Spring ends are squared and ground and we are able to manufacture with other raw materials as per request for special conditions and environments.

Dimensional Consistency

Our dimensional requirements remain consistent and are very close in measurement from one batch of springs to the next.

Longer Spring Life

Our springs are engineered to better withstand shock loading, endure constant high-speed deflections and shot-peened to increase fatigue life reducing downtime.

Excellent Deflection

Our Die Springs provide greater available travel to solid and more deflections in each spring.


JIS Die Spring

JIS Die Springs (JIS B 5012 Specifications, D Shape Wire Section) are available in metric sizes from 10 to 60 mm in diameter up to 305 mm in length.  Our JIS Die Springs meet the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for die springs in all 5 standard color load ratings and sizes.

Five load ratings are available from extra light load to extra heavy load. The JIS Die Springs are available in small boxed quantities for your convenience.

Die springs are made of Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel.

Color Coding:

Choose the correct color group for the required pressure/spring load, service life and installation dimensions.

JIS BS5012

Duty of Die Spring



Extra Light Duty



Light Duty



Medium Duty



Heavy Duty



Extra Heavy Duty

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